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Informative price list of selected engine spare parts Andoria

  Name price without VAT
1)half power engine59850,-
2)complete engine head17842,-
3)cam chamber6307,-
4)cam shaft4608,-
5)crankshaft STD14976,-
6)induction valve246,-
7)exhaust valve235,-
8)valve balance beam403,-
10)head sealing398,-
12)distribution belt558,-
13)water pump1998,-
14)whole heating circuit622,-
15)under pressure air pump2390,-
16)complete cooler ventilator3496,-
17)complete injector Bosch1284,-
18)steering servo pump LUK LF 307560,-
19)alternator 70A2897,-
20)fuel filter210,-
21)air filter330,-
22)oil filter160,-
23)clutch segment LUK2592,-
24)clutch compression plate LUK2590,-
25)complete clutch bearing898,-
26)complete piston engine1952,-
27)stretcher bearing (2x)á 180,-
28)starter Bosch3784,-
The prices do not include. These information is only informative. Company AUTO MAX spol. s r.o. reserves the rights for changes.
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