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ARO 4x4 AMC - The most expanded working terrain vehicle

According to very reasonable first cost and interesting useful features of the vehicles we can often meet with the brand ARO 4x4 on our roads. Especially where is necessary to use their terrain characteristics.
ARO 4x4 offer three type series. Each has individual dividing into model that can be used for specific operations. The basic serie 24 with the wheelbase 2350 mm and total weight 2515 kg offers variants from two up to eight passengers by using loading area. The model serie 32 with the wheelbase 3200 mm and total weight 3100 kg allows practical relation of volume loading area with the possibility of transporting up to nine passengers. The use of the serie 33 can be for specific reasons. The wheelbase 3100 kg, total weight 3500 kg and load up to 1600 kg enables to use the whole chassis for assembling superstructures, lowers, platforms, boxes and tanks, etc.


Due to the vast type diversity and by a good choice of ARO 4x4 vehicle you can satisfy all your needs that these working terrain vehicles offer. From family car that fulfils commonly estimated characteristics to specific utilization in industry. Fire brigades, forestry enterprises, land measuring and mines industries, engineering network wardens, army, railway and others commonly use the vehicles.


For the production of the vehicles there are more and more developing technologies used. That is applied with regards to fulfilling of nowadays-strict regulations in the EU.
The outfit of vehicles contains all items that are necessary for the operating in difficult working conditions. The resiliency of the vehicle itself is made by massive ladder frame that makes the supporting part of the vehicle. By substantial consistency it is possible to adjust to terrain ruggedness. The front independently hang and back solid axle with the possibility of assembling differential lock makes ideal compromise for using the vehicle either on road or off-terrain environment. Hydraulic reinforcement is part of the basic outfit. Turbo diesel Andoaria 4Cti90 and EATON TS 5-21 gearbox is the main drive for the area of terrain vehicles. The engine is equipped with Bosh fuel injector, inter cooler of pressed air and turbo diesel Garet. The engines are supplied in two performance variants 66 and 75 kW. Additional gearbox is equipped with two basic gears - road and terrain with the possibility of gear shifting 4x4.

Záruka a servis

In developed authorised sale and service network AUTA DO TERÉNU you will obtain 2 year guarantee and 70 000 km when you buy a vehicle. You can find over 30 professional services in the Czech Republic.

We are welcome to give you more information about service places.

Basic competitive benefits of 4x4 vehicles are:

  • throughput rate
  • resiliency
  • load (up to 1600kg)
  • variability
  • construction simplicity
  • starting costs
  • fuel consumption
  • price of spare parts
  • maintenance demand
  • number of stolen vehicles
made by: INET-SERVIS.CZ, Hradec Králové